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Jude Urbanski Editing ServicesFinding the right editor is important. I want to be that editor for you. My goal is to partner with you to make your manuscript publisher ready. I offer a free, three-page edit to see whether we have a fit and to get an idea of the level of needed editing for your project.

I accept manuscripts in electronic form and use Track Changes for editing. I charge by the page so you know what your charge will be. A critique is charged at a flat rate. I offer payment plans, if desired, and use Pay Pal or personal check for payment.

I reserve the right to decline manuscripts for which my services are not a good fit. I do not accept work with graphic violence, profanity, or explicit sexual content.

I am a multi-published, award-winning author finding enjoyment in the editing aspect of publishing. I have a Master’s Degree from Indiana University. I have edited for the She Knows magazine, Desert Breeze Publishing, Lighthouse Publications of the Carolinas and individuals.

My memberships include The Christian Pen and the Christian Editor Connection.

Editor Memberships


Please send manuscript in: Microsoft Word document (doc or docx), Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced and one inch margins. I use Track Changes for editing.

Proofreading. Includes checking for errors in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, basic grammar, inconsistent format, typos, and word usage.

Copyediting. Includes a proofread and focuses on style, continuity, word choice, clarity, redundancies and clichés. In nonfiction, checking to see if sources are cited for statistics and quotations. In fiction, looking for inconsistencies in point of view and tense.

Content/Substantive Edit–Nonfiction. Clarifying or reorganizing a manuscript for content, flow, structure, and readability. I will review the project for overall tone, clarity of subject, logic, conflict, and tension as appropriate. Includes copyediting. Does not include researching or writing original material.

Content/Substantive Edit–Fiction. Checking for character development, dialogue, tags, beats, plot, subplot(s), theme, pacing, tension, voice, point of view, setting, the five senses, passive writing, showing vs. telling, and a satisfying story resolution. Includes copyediting. Does not include researching or writing original material. A content/substantive edit is usually the best package for your money.

Critique. Provides a broad overall assessment/review of the submitted author’s work, noting strengths and weaknesses. I will point out specific problem areas and give general suggestions for improvement. Does not include detailed advice on grammatical and technical issues.



Proofreading: $4.00 per page

Copy Editing: $5.00 per page

Content/Substantive, Fiction or Nonfiction: $7.00 per page

Critique: flat $500 based on 75,000 words or less book.

 Questions and Answers

 How do I know what level of editing I need?

            The free, sample edit gives me an idea of your level of editing need. A few pointers to remember are as follows: a proof read is the last level of your editing need. The manuscript should be publisher ready at this point and the proof read is a last look; when doing a copy edit, I can’t help doing some content or substantive editing, but the content/substantive is the best value for your money. With a content edit, all three aspects of proofing, copy editing and content are addressed in the content/substantive editing.

How should I send my manuscript?

            Your manuscript should be sent electronically in a doc or docx document, using Times New Roman 12 point font, one inch margins, and double spaced.

What is usual turn-around time?

            This depends on my schedule, your need, length of manuscript and complexity of needed editing. My typical time is two to four weeks for a proof or copy edit and six to eight weeks for a content/substantive edit.

How do I pay?

I use a contract and accept payment via PayPal or personal check. I begin work when payment has cleared. In certain situations, I also accept installment payments.

Jude’s Endorsements

Jude has edited several novels for me. Each was completed with an eye on professionalism, detail and overall quality. Her comments not only helped with the item she was editing, but help me to understand the principles used and not repeat the same mistakes. Jude is able to look at things through a reader’s point of view as well of that of a writer. I will definitely use her services again.
-Barbara Fraizer, Footsteps in the Sand

I am so thankful to have had the honor of Jude working with me, first on a short story, and then a fiction novel. It was like having not only a professional editor but also a writing coach. She took the time to explain areas of weakness in my writing and encourage me in areas of strength. There are those who use their knowledge to edit for a job, and those who edit out of their gifting and love to help others. Jude fills the latter with five stars.
-Doug Spurling, The Voice

Very prompt and reasonable.

-Julie Ibar, Proposal Review

Jude Urbanski has given me constructive encouragement in my book-writing. She has looked over three books I have been working on. My confidence in her has come from knowing she has been a successful author and has published books with publishers. It has also come from seeing my own work “polished up” with her touch. She is very well-versed in wording, phrasing, punctuation, and flow and this makes her a good editor.

-Laurie Lunsford, Author, Artist, Musician, It’s a Piece of Cake and Wait, Katie, Wait


Thanks for your visit to my web site. Blessings on your day!
Jude Urbanski