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Joy Restored, Book One    
Katalina Davidson struggles with why a good God would allow her Vietnam vet husband to die so needlessly, leaving her with small children. Determined to rely on her own strength and never again to trust a capricious God, Katalina is bewildered when unusual events draw her to rich and successful Seth Orbin, a widower who has experienced untold personal tragedy, yet whose strong faith is bigger than life to Katalina. She cannot understand such faith much less comprehend the incredible love Seth is willing to give.
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Nurtured in Purple, Book Two:
Nurtured in Purple continues the now-married love story of Seth Orbin and Kate Davidson of Joy Restored, but nemesis’ Willard Wittenberg and Elizabeth Koger come center stage, still pursuing personal vendettas against the Orbins.

Seth again faces potential loss of wife and child with Kate’s life-threatening pregnancy complication, while Willard maneuvers to ruin Seth’s business. Willard and Elizabeth marry, but her flame for Seth hasn’t died. 

Late-blooming love finds Ninville and Margie while new characters, Ruby, alcoholic wife of a deceased Vietnam vet, and her small son Bobo are introduced.

Can Seth and Kate, modeling God’s grace and forgiveness, be salt and light to those in desperate need?
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I Can’t Remember Me:
This touching, true story begins in Indiana in 1997, shortly after Courtney graduated from college. Left with a life-threatening brain injury from an automobile accident in which her small son was killed, her brave struggle back to her family and a productive life is most inspiring. With the love and help of faith, family and friends, life can take on new meaning.
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