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Hello and Welcome

Thanks for your visit, readers, writers and others. I hope my writing causes someone to ask the big question: What am I doing with Jesus? Nothing would please me more for your answer impacts your destiny. I want to give myself to the gifts God has given me. Ever since I can remember, and certainly since I could read, books and words have filled my mind. I also write nonfiction, but my writing genre of choice is women’s fiction with inspirational romance. My heroes and  heroines are strong men and women who turn tragedy into triumph. There’s always a faith element to my stories.  My desire is to be a wordsmith woman, one who writes, grows, and lives for God. I’m on an enthusiastic adventure for Him. Join me! Please click on my blog link to learn more about my writing and to see my events.




                                                        Nurtured in Purple, The Chronicles of Chanute Crossing, Book Two


   RELEASED! JUNE 2012 One man. One woman. Each bent on avenging personal vendettas. Another man. Another                                                                               woman. Wanting only  to be God’s salt and light. 


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                                             Joy Restored, The Chronicles of Chanute Crossing, Book One


November, 2011 from Desert Breeze Publishing, ebook. Katalina Davidson struggles with why a good God would allow her husband to die so needlessly, leaving her with small children. Determined to rely on her own strength and never again to trust a capricious God, Katalina is bewildered when unusual events draw her to rich and successful Seth Orbin, a widower who has experienced untold personal tragedy, yet whose strong faith is bigger than life to Katalina. She cannot understand such faith much less comprehend the incredible love Seth is willing to give.






Desert Breeze Publishing

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My work in progress-   Then Comes Hope

The bride-to-be never gets to say I do. She is betrayed at the altar by her runaway groom. Weeks later, she discovers his departing gift is an unexpected pregnancy. Friendship with an aging artist and a special needs baby to love, help renew Savannah’s faith and equip her to overcome romantic turmoil and false accusations in her new job in Jamaica. Only with handsome clinic owner’s declaration of love, can she again find hope.



I Can’t Remember Me

I Can't Remember Me   I Can’t Remember Me, by Judy Martin-Urban and Courtney Martin Larson, LangMarc Publishing, 2006. Jude Urbanski is the pen name for Judy Martin-Urban. Excerpt- “When I first awakened from the coma, I vaguely remembered Jerry, my daughter, mother or siblings. I accepted Jerry as my husband because he told me he was, but I didn’t remember having a husband…I didn’t remember much about Zachary as a person, much less as my son…”      -Courtney Martin Larson, author Review: Lauretta A. Lunsford It is difficult to find books that tell an honest story from the heart, especially those stories that contain such deep personal relationships that would be difficult for most people to share. Often it is easier to go anonymous. The book is very readable and well-put-together. Beyond this compelling story, Judy intersperses factual information about brain injuries that made it educational to read. Beyond that, it is a story of bravery, hope, and the strong nature of building family bonds. I recommend it for anyone, and it would be especially helpful to someone who is facing brain injuries personally or in a family member.